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NCAA BCS National Title Should be Wisconsin and not Ohio State This is a long read but it takes you through the events leading up to why I think Michigan is the better college football team. I state some reasons why I believe Michigan is better than Wisconsin and Ohio State because while I enjoy both of those teams and the two conferences they play in, I want to see Wisconsin and Ohio State playing for the National Championship rather than Michigan. Wisconsin is a better team than Ohio State but I don't think they are a better team than Michigan. WISCONSIN AND OSU OVER MIAMI OHIO STATE AND U-M Wisconsin is so good that I have no problem giving up their first round bye to play Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game. Here are my reasons why I believe that Wisconsin should be the National Champion and be playing Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game instead of Michigan. WISCONSIN SHOULD BE THE NATIONAL CHAMPION I'm not sure how many of you guys read my blog but I am an avid fan of Wisconsin football. They are one of my favorite teams to watch play. I have a good amount of friends that are Wisconsin fans and most of them are extremely positive about them. I believe that Wisconsin football is better than Michigan football. Watch Madison East High School varsity basketball game live on espn 3cast! It’s the annual Game of the Year, the first round of the state playoffs and one of the biggest games of the season. The Madison East Mustangs, led by junior guard Cory Vondran, play the Chicago Skyhawks in a key battle for state supremacy. Other than Ohio State and Wisconsin, the most consistent teams in the Big Ten are Michigan, Ohio State and Nebraska. I know that Ohio State and Wisconsin have had more than their share of struggles in recent years but I can see them turning the corner in the future. Michigan has been in the BCS for more years than Wisconsin and Ohio State combined. The only reason that Wisconsin and Ohio State aren’t playing for the BCS National Championship is the way that the BCS is designed. All the hype around these two teams makes it easy for the media to write them off. It’s easy to write off a team that is ranked in the top ten. I don’t want to write off Michigan. It’s been the dominant team for the last twenty years but it hasn’

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_TOP_ Cewek Ngentot Sama Anjing

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